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The Tale of 
Arctic Swan Bakery 

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Mirja 'Mimi' Adams is the founder of Arctic Swan Bakery.  As a native Finn living in the US, she missed the bread of her childhood.  She wanted to learn how to make authentic Finnish sourdough rye bread, aito ruisleipä.

After much research and numerous attempts, she came up with a bread that was both culturally authentic, and slightly unique.


Shortly thereafter, Mirja's friends began asking if they could get bread from her, and what started off as a hobby, quickly blossomed into a business.

Before she knew it, she was baking in her kitchen till the wee hours of the morning, filling orders.


Arctic Swan Bakery officially opened for business in July 2017, shipping rye bread throughout the country.

Now in their new location in Riegelsville PA, Mimi enjoys both a larger kitchen, and a boutique retail storefront, allowing her to offer additional baked goods, with a Scandinavian flare.

Click here for current store hours.

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Mirja Adams, being interview by the Finnish news channel mtv3 in 2020. 

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